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Strong Frame® Special Moment Frame 

We are discontinuing our Strong Frame® product line and transitioning all our moment frame projects to our Yield-Link® moment connection solutions. Find more information about the transition here.

Find out more about our Yield-Link moment connection.

The Strong Frame special moment frame (SMF) is a prefabricated frame designed with a field-bolted moment connection that uses the Yield-Link® structural fuse. The Yield-Link moment connection is a unique and patented technology that is prequalified in AISC 358. The moment connection does not require any field welding and gives engineers the option to design the beam without beam bracing.

Key Features

  • Maximizes space with Yield-Link technology without need for beam bracing
  • Arrives ready for installation by eliminating the need for field welding and onsite weld inspection
  • Connection can be restored by replacing the Yield-Link if repairs are required after a major event


  • ASTM 572 Grade 50
  • ASTM 992 Grade 50


  • Gray paint


  • New and retrofit applications in both commercial and residential construction.
    • In new construction, the frame can be incorporated into the early stages of design. The field-bolted connections allow for fast installation using basic tools.
    • In retrofit designs, the bolted connection means the frame can be erected in the interior conditions of light-frame construction without the risk of fire from welding. The beam and columns can be erected in parts, making the SMF much easier to handle than a fully welded frame.

Product Includes

  • Prefabricated frame with Yield-Link
  • Preinstalled nailers
  • Bolt connection hardware

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
Model No. Description
SMF-12MBX 1-Story, 2-Bay Special Moment Frame
SMF-13MBX 1-Story, 3-Bay Special Moment Frame
SMF-1CX 1-Story, Single-Bay — Uneven Column Lengths
SMF-1X 1-Story, Single-Bay Special Moment Frame
SMF-22MBX 2-Story, 2-Bay Special Moment Frame
SMF-2CX 2-Story Special Moment Frame — Uneven Legs
SMF-2X 2-Story Special Moment Frame
SMF-32MBX 3-Story, 2-Bay Special Moment Frame
SMF-3CX 3-Story Special Moment Frame — Uneven Legs
SMF-3X 3-Story Special Moment Frame
SMF-4CX 4-Story Special Moment Frame — Uneven Legs
SMF-4X 4-Story Special Moment Frame
SMF-5CX 5-Story Special Moment Frame — Uneven Legs
SMF-5X 5-Story Special Moment Frame
SMF-6CX 6-Story Special Moment Frame — Uneven Legs
SMF-6X 6-Story Special Moment Frame

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