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Your Guide to a Beautiful, Safe Strong Deck

Are you looking to build a new deck? Or simply want to ensure your current deck is safe and code compliant? Whatever stage of the deck process you are in, the Deck Center has the solution, with a variety of products for every stage in the life of your deck. From finding the right products to navigating through code changes, the Deck Center offers several resources to make building decks easier and safer.

Three Phases in Your Deck's Lifespan

Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas and Inspiration

Find the inspiration to build your own outdoor oasis. We've assembled a collection of some of our favorite decks complete with how-to guides.

Decks on Building Strong

DIY experts use Simpson Strong-Tie products to build safe, strong decks.

Outdoor Accents

Add beauty and strength to your outdoor living structures with Outdoor Accents decorative hardware.


Planning and Building

Now that you have found your inspiration it is time to plan. With these resources you can design your deck, select products and follow step-by-step instructions.

Deck Planner Software

With this free Web-based software, you can design your deck, print out your permit submittal pages and materials lists, and go.

Deck Guide

This guide offers step-by-step instruction on using connectors to build safe, code-compliant decks.

Deck Training

Check out our videos, online and in person training, literature and industry tips for deck construction


Safety and Maintenance

Whether you're building a deck or have an existing deck, you should know how to evaluate its construction to make sure it's structurally sound and safe.

Safe Strong Decks

Using the proper structural connectors and fasteners as well as regular maintenance are the keys to a safe, strong deck.

Deck Inspection

Learn the 5 warning signs of an unsafe deck and how to perform a yearly inspection.

A Safe, Strong Deck

Learn how to connect your deck securely and create a continuous load path.