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We know builders. We help them turn plans into profitable communities every day.

We use technology to help builders see deeper into every element of the building process so they can better achieve operational efficiencies, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

CG Visions

Option Management

By combining our understanding of builders with our innovative software, CG Visions designs its solutions around option management. Our integrated approach optimizes every phase of the building process to address the biggest challenge builders face—managing options. By coupling design drawings with estimation and purchasing, our systems allow builders to know with confidence their base house costs and option costs across the entire spectrum of possibilities.


BIM Pipeline is a web-based material management and estimation system that was built from the ground up specifically to help homebuilders solve these types of problems. It provides tools for efficiency improvements as well as the data visibility and analysis that will empower the builder to reduce costs, increase net margins and scale operations without adding staff—all while reducing cycle times and getting homes up faster.


An interactive tool powered by Pipeline that helps builders attract new customers, interact with potential buyers and close sales. This tool incorporates three modules that can be integrated or used as standalone functionality.

S-BT-CG17 – Complete technology solutions for the production builder
S-BT-CG17 – Complete technology solutions for the production builder