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We use software to help residential builders see deeper into every element of the building process so they can better achieve operational efficiencies, cost savings and customer satisfaction. Our collaborative process allows us to get to know your business and understand your processes, goals and pain points.

We differentiate ourselves by providing builders with a comprehensive technology solution that includes discovery, consultative services, implementation, training and software development.

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Option Management

LotSpec provides a powerful option management infrastructure for the Autodesk® Revit® or Autodesk AutoCAD® Architecture platform that automates the creation of lot specific documentation, provides tools and workflows for master bid set documentation, and much more.

  • Build intelligent option selection lists to eliminate errors due to unsupported combinations
  • Automate the creation of lot specific documentation for permitting and construction
  • Use several option types to apply rules to project elements for maximum flexibility


Material Management and Estimating

Pipeline is a web-based material management and estimation logic technology solution. The software captures all option changes, which allows you to create site-specific purchasing, back-office and construction documents.

  • Purchase orders from lot-specific, as-built reports
  • Option-on-option scenarios with full master-plan estimates
  • Full array of materials using dynamic assemblies

LotSpec Remote

Dedicated Job Processing

LotSpec Remote operates like a 24-7 dedicated job processor that runs on a remote computer to free up computing resources for the drafting team and allows for a dramatic increase in the efficiency and volume of lot specific or option set jobs that can be handled.

  • Frees up drafting resources to do more while jobs are processed remotely
  • Team members outside of the drafting team can issue jobs using the LotSpec Dispatch utility
  • Sends email notifications of job completion with attached documentation and more

Pipeline Connect for Revit

Connects Revit Quantities to Pipeline Products

Pipeline Connect for Revit connects Revit projects to Pipeline to facilitate a more dynamic BIM to estimating workflow. Develop conditions for project elements to produce specific key measurements as determined by the estimating team and export them as Pipeline house or job ready material files.

  • Flexible condition statements allow for fewer conditions to yield more results
  • Preview and isolate condition results for on-screen validation
  • Uniquely integrates with LotSpec for Autodesk Revit to produce material files when solving

Professional Services

Our Professional Services offering assists our customers who are in need of additional resources in their day-to-day operations. Whether you need help while your staff is being trained or a trusted service provider to work hand-in-hand with your teams, we are here to help.