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Strong-Drive® SDCFC TIMBER-CFC Screw 

Strong-Drive® SDCFC TIMBER-CFC Screw

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Introducing the Strong-Drive SDCFC Timber-CFC screw (CFC — Countersunk, Fully Threaded, Cylinder Head) — a robust structural fastener now available in a variety of lengths and designed for mass timber construction and general interior applications. These sturdy 0.390"-diameter (10 mm) structural fasteners have strength for demanding applications involving large-sized structural members. The compact cylinder head countersinks and is minimally visible. The fully threaded screw is designed for fast starts and superior withdrawal resistance. The yellow-zinc coating designates that the SDCFC screws are designed for interior and dry applications.

Key Features

  • Compact cylinder head helps countersink the screw for an unobstructed finish
  • Heavy-duty, fully-threaded 0.390" (10 mm) shank provides strength, with superb withdrawal resistance
  • Interior grade yellow-zinc coating
  • Deep 6-lobe recess for a secure drive (replacement bit: BIT50T-2-R1)
  • Available in 500 mm (19 5/8"), 600 mm (23 5/8"), 800 mm (31 1/2"), and 1,000 mm (39 3/8") lengths


Available in 500 mm (19 5/8") to 1,000 mm (39 3/8") lengths, ideal for:

  • Beam Reinforcement
  • Splitting Reinforcement
  • Repair of Checked or Cracked Timber 

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
New products
Model No. Coating/Material Length (in.) Head Diameter (in.) Shank Diameter (in.) Drive Type Head Type Thread Length Packaging Qty.
SDCFC271958 Yellow-Zinc Coated 19 5/8 0.525 0.290 T50 6-Lobe Cylinder Head 18 3/8 50
SDCFC272358 Yellow-Zinc Coated 23 5/8 0.525 0.290 T50 6-Lobe Cylinder Head 22 1/4 50
SDCFC273112 Yellow-Zinc Coated 31 1/2 0.525 0.290 T50 6-Lobe Cylinder Head 30 1/8 50
SDCFC273938 Yellow-Zinc Coated 39 3/8 0.525 0.290 T50 6-Lobe Cylinder Head 38 50

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