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Strong-Drive® SDWV SOLE-TO-RIM Screw 

Strong-Drive® SDWV SOLE-TO-RIM Screw

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The Strong-Drive SDWV Sole-to-Rim screw may be used to attach a sole plate to a rim board. The SDWV Sole-to-Rim screw coating is intended for dry service, low corrosion applications and is suitable for use with FRT in medium-corrosion, dry-service applications.

Key Features

  • Large 0.400"-diameter head for increased holding power
  • Fast-start point with helical ridge for fast, easy, low-torque installation
  • Tested in dimensional lumber and engineered wood
  • Variable thread design, optimized for 2x dimensional lumber


  • Sole-to-rim attachment

Product Includes

  • Replacement driver bit: BIT25T-2-R2

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
New products
Model No. Coating/Material Screw Size Length (in.) Head Diameter (in.) Shank Diameter (in.) Drive Type Head Type Thread Type Point Type Packaging Qty.
SDWV13400 E-coat® Electrocoating #10 4 0.400 0.135 T25 6-Lobe Rimmed Flat Head with Nibs Variable Thread Design Fast-Start Point with Helical Ridge 1000

Product Information Table

Model No. Length (in.) Screw Size Drive Type Head Diameter (in.) Head Type Thread Type Shank Diameter (in.) Point Type Coating/Material Packaging Quantity UPC
SDWV13400Z 4 #10 T-25 6-Lobe 0.400 Rimmed Flat Head with Nibs Variable Thread Design 0.135 Fast-Start Point with Helical Ridge Clear-Zinc Coating 1000 707392165989

Load Tables

SDWV — Allowable Shear Loads for Sole-to-Rim Connection

  1. Allowable loads are based on testing per ICC-ES AC233 and are limited to parallel-to-grain loading. The equivalent specific gravity for the LVL and LSL having a minimum 0.8E designation for edge fastening is 0.50.
  2. Allowable loads are shown at the wood load duration factor of CD = 1.00. Loads may be increased for load duration as permitted by the building code up to a CD = 1.60.
  3. Minimum spacing of the SDWV is 6" o.c., minimum end distance is 6", and minimum edge distance is 5/8".
  4. Wood structural panel up to 23/32" thick is permitted between the sole plate and rim board provided it is fastened to the rim board per code and the minimum penetration of the screw into the rim board is met.
  5. Minimum rim board height shall be 9 1/4" when fastening a sole plate and a single top plate to the rim board with SDWV screws.
  6. Sole-to-rim loads can be achieved without a wall below.

Code Reports & Compliance