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Strong-Drive® TF WOOD-TO-STEEL Screw 

Strong-Drive® TF WOOD-TO-STEEL Screw

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The Strong-Drive TF Wood-to-Steel screw is a 3" (75 mm) load-rated structural fastener designed to bore through wood and into steel up to 15/32" thick. Its flat head with nibs easily countersinks into the wood and provides excellent pull-through resistance. Its #5 drill point with wings bores through wood before engaging and drilling into the steel member.

Key Features

  • 6-lobe recessed drive for secure driving and longer bit life
  • #5 drill point with wings for boring through wood
  • Flat head with nibs for easy, flush countersinking
  • Self-tapping threads for secure attachments to steel members
  • Available in bulk quantities for hand driving, or collated for Quik Drive® systems
  • Available in black phosphate coating
  • Load rated
  • No predrilling required


  • Wood to steel (maximum recommended thicknesses: 15/32")

Product Includes

  • 50-count model includes (1) driver bit; 1,000-count model includes (2) bits


  • Industry studies show that hardened fasteners can experience performance problems in wet or corrosive environments. Accordingly, use this product in dry, interior and noncorrosive environments only.

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
New products
Model No. Coating/Material Screw Size Length (in.) Head Diameter (in.) Drive Type Head Type Thread Type TPI Max. Grip Length (in.) Point Type Point Size Packaging Qty.
TFP1475R1000 Black Phosphate Coating #14 3 0.460 T30 6-Lobe Flat Head Tapping Threads 14 1.941 Drill Point with Wings 5 1000
TFP1475R50 Black Phosphate Coating #14 3 0.460 T30 6-Lobe Flat Head Tapping Threads 14 1.941 Drill Point with Wings 5 50

Load Tables

TF Wood-to-Steel — Allowable Loads — SPF, DFL, SP Lumber Attached to Steel

(Results are the same per wood species for steel members 1/4" through 15/32" thick)
Model No. Length in. (mm) Nominal Wood Thickness (in.) Wood Species Reference SPF, DFL, SP Allowable Loads (lb.)
Uplift Shear
CD = 1.0 CD = 1.6 CD = 1.0 CD = 1.6
  1. For use with structural steel members from 1/4" up to 15/32" thick.
  2. Minimum steel strength Fu = 45 ksi.
  3. Standard product available in a black phosphate coating.
  4. Reference allowable loads are based on tests using 2x (1.5 in.) thick wood members.
  5. Use increased allowable loads (CD = 1.6) only when resisting wind or seismic forces. Values must be multiplied by all applicable adjustment factors per the NDS.
  6. Minimum fastener spacing requirements to achieve allowable loads: 4" end distance, 1.5" edge distance, 0.75" between staggered rows, 2.5" between non-staggered rows (perpendicular to grain), 1.75" between non-staggered rows (parallel to grain), 1.75" between fasteners in a row (perpendicular to grain), and 4" between fasteners in a row (parallel to grain).
TFP1475 3"
1.5x SPF 190 300 210 335
DFL 260 415 265 425
SP 370 590 300 480

Code Reports & Compliance