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HGLTV Heavy Top-Flange Hanger for Engineered Lumber (SCL)


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The HGLTV is designed for structural composite lumber header (SCL) applications that require high loads. This heavy top-flange hanger features holes specifically located to prevent degradation of the header due to splitting of laminations. The Funnel Flange™ design allows for easy installation of beams.

Key Features

  • Versatile and heavy welded design allows for many modifications
  • Installs easily with Funnel Flange and with standard 16d common (0.162" x 3 1/2") nails
  • Can be welded to steel beam members


  • 3 ga. top flange; 7 ga. stirrup


  • Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint. Hot-dip galvanized is available; specify HDG.


  • Use all specified fasteners. Verify that the header can take the required fasteners specified in the table.
  • For attaching to multi-ply headers, refer to technical bulletin Top-Flange Hanger Reductions for Multiple-Ply Headers (T-C-MPLYHEADR).
  • Flatten edge of header to match top-flange radius.
  • Bevel-cut the carried beam for skewed hangers.
  • For hangers exceeding the joist height by more than 1/2", allowable load is 50% of the table load.
  • May be used for weld-on applications. Minimum required weld is a 1/4" x 2 1/2" fillet weld at each end of the top flange; see General Instructions for the Installer, note k, for weld information. Weld-on applications produce maximum loads listed. For uplift loads, refer to technical bulletin Top-Flange Hangers Welded to Structural Steel Members (T-C-WELDUPLFT).
  • May be installed on ledgers provided the ledgers are made of 4x solid sawn or 3 1/2" SCL shown in the table below. Thinner ledgers must be evaluated by the building designer.


  • Hot-dip galvanized; specify HDG.
  • Seats may be skewed to a maximum of 50° and/or sloped to a maximum of 45°.
  • When seat is sloped, the maximum allowable load is 9,165 lb.
  • When seat is skewed, the maximum allowable load is 7,980 lb. The deflection at full loading may reach 1/4". For skews greater than 15°, multiply the table uplift load by 0.50.
  • For sloped and skewed seat combinations, the maximum allowable load is 7,695. The deflection at full loading may reach 1/4". For skews greater than 15", multiply the table uplift load by 0.50".
  • Sloped or skewed seat hangers may not be installed in non-backed nailer/header installations.
  • Top flange may be sloped down to the left or right as far as 30°. Reduce allowable loads using the following reduction factor based on linear interpolation (90–α)/90, where α is the angle measure from the horizontal. This reduction is not cumulative with other load reductions.
  • Top flange may be offset left or right for placement at the end of a header. Minimum seat width is 3 1/4". The maximum allowable load is 0.45. No uplift load is available.
  • For skewed and offset or skewed only top-flange hangers with inward or outward configuration, the maximum allowable load is the lesser of (a) 45% of the catalog load or (b) 4,300 lb.

Related Literature

Load Tables

    These products are available with additional corrosion protection.

Model No. Joist (in.) Fasteners (in.) Allowable Loads Header Type
Width Height Top Face Joist Uplift (160) LVL PSL LSL DF/SP SPF/HF
HGLTV series 2 11/16 — 8 3/4 7 1/2 — 33 (6) 0.162 x 3 1/2 (12) 0.162 x 3 1/2 (6) 0.162 x 3 1/2 1,120 10,585 9,485 9,500 7,805 6,770
  1. Uplift loads have been increased for earthquake or wind loading with no further increase allowed. Reduce where other loads govern.
  2. Uplift loads apply only when "H" is 28" or less.
  3. For hanger heights exceeding the joist height, the allowable load is 0.50 of the table load.
  4. LVL headers are assumed to be made primarily from Douglas fir or Southern pine. For LVL made from spruce-pine-fir or similar less-dense veneers, use the values found in the SPF/HF column.
  5. For SCL products made primarily from Douglas fir or Southern pine, use 1,640 lb. for uplift. For SPF members, use 1,115 lb. for uplift.
  6. Fasteners: Nail dimensions in the table are listed diameter by length. For additional information, see Fastener Types and Sizes Specified for Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors.

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