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SCL High-Capacity Top-Flange Hanger


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This product is only available in Canada

The SCL series of top-flange hangers are high load capacity connectors designed for use with structural composite lumber. The large top flange distributes the load to the carrying member, and the fasteners are located specifically for structural composite lumber applications.


  • Stirrups — 3 gauge; top flange — 1/4" or 3/8" hot-rolled angle, see table


  • Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General notes.
  • All multiple members must be fastened together to act as one single unit.
  • This series may be used for weld-on application. Weld top flange using 1/4" x 4" long fillet welds spaced at 7" on centre with 2" return around corners.
  • These hangers cannot be used with a nailer.

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Load Tables

  1. Factored uplift resistances have been increased 15% for short term loading with no further increase allowed. Reduce when other load durations govern.
  2. Factored uplift resistances shown are for D.Fir-L. Multiply tabulated loads x 0.71 for either S-P-F joist or header.
  3. Applies to LVL headers made primarily from D.Fir-L, assuming φFCP = 1092 psi and a specific gravity of 0.50. See LVL manufacturer specifications.
  4. Nails: 16d = 0.162" dia. x 3 1/2" long. See other nail sizes and information.


Part Orthographic Perspective
SCL3.62/11.88 Installed Perspective View
SCL3.62/11.88 Installed Perspective View
SCL3.62/14None None
SCL3.62/16None None
SCL3.62/9.5None None
SCL3.62XNone None
SCL5.37/11.88None None
SCL5.37/14None None
SCL5.37/16None None
SCL5.37/18None None
SCL5.37/18.75None None
SCL5.37/19None None
SCL5.37/9.25None None
SCL5.37/9.5None None
SCL5.37XNone None
SCL7.25/11.88None None
SCL7.25/14None None
SCL7.25/16None None
SCL7.25/18None None
SCL7.25/18.75None None
SCL7.25/19None None
SCL7.25/9.25None None
SCL7.25/9.5None None
SCL7.25XNone None