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EG Beam and Glulam Hangers


See Hanger Options for hanger modifications, which may result in reduced loads.

Designed to support large members typically found in glulam beam construction.


  • Stirrup — 7 gauge; LEG/MEG TF — 7 gauge; all other TF — 3 gauge


  • Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint. Hot-dip galvanized available; specify HDG


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • Maintain minimum 4D end distance and edge distance from bolt to end of header and nearest loaded edge per NDS requirements


  • See Hanger Options General Notes
  • Skewed Seat — Top-Flange Models Only
    • The LEG/MEG/EG series can be skewed up to 45°. The maximum allowable load is 10,000 lb. for LEG and MEG, 14,250 lb. for EG.
  • Sloped Seat — Top Flange Models Only
    • The LEG/MEG/EG series can be sloped up to 45°. The maximum allowable load is 9,665 lb.; see illustration.
  • No Sloped and Skewed Combo Available
  • Offset Top Flange
    • The LEG/MEG (only) top flange may be offset left or right for placement at the end of a header (see illustration). The maximum allowable load is 5,665 lb. (Min. H = 11" for MEG, 9" for LEG).
    • No skews allowed on offset hangers.
    • Models available without top flanges; see table loads.

Related Literature

Load Tables

    These products are available with additional corrosion protection. Additional products on this page may also be available with this option, check with Simpson Strong-Tie for details.

  1. Roof loads are 125% of floor loads unless limited by other criteria.
  2. Allowable loads assume a carrying member width of 5 1/2".
  3. Specify H dimension.
  4. Triangle Theory: Some code jurisdictions allow only half of the top flange bearing area to be considered when performing a top flange hanger calculation as there is non–uniform stress under the top flange (presumed to be a triangular shaped distribution). Therefore, loads are published above using the calculated “Triangle Theory”. Loads are also published in the “No Triangle Theory” columns which are based on calculations assuming full bearing on the top flange which do not exceed the tested value with a reduction factor of 3.

Code Reports

Part IAPMO UES ER ICC-ES ESR City of Los Angeles State of Florida
EGSee specific model numbers for code listings.
EG5 ESR-2615 ESR-2523 RR25803 FL10667
EG7 ESR-2615 ESR-2523 RR25803 FL10667
EG9 ESR-2615 ESR-2523 RR25803 FL10667
LEGSee specific model numbers for code listings.
LEG3 ESR-2615 ESR-2523 RR25803 FL10667
LEG5 ESR-2615 ESR-2523 RR25803 FL10667
LEG7 ESR-2615 ESR-2523 RR25803 FL10667
MEGSee specific model numbers for code listings.
MEG5 ESR-2615 ESR-2523 RR25803 FL10667
MEG7 ESR-2615 ESR-2523 RR25803 FL10667

ESR-2523 is an Index of many of Simpson Strong-Tie Stamped and Welded Cold-formed Steel Products for Wood or Cold-formed Steel Construction


Part Orthographic Perspective
EG5 Front View
EG5 Left View
EG5 Right View
EG7 Front View
EG7 Left View
EG7 Right View
EG9None None
LEG3None None
LEG5None None
LEG7None None
MEG5None None
MEG7None None