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HHB/GB/HGB Beam and Purlin Hangers


See Top-Flange Hanger Load Table for Glulam Beams. See Hanger Options for hanger modifications, which may result in reduced loads.

This series of beam and purlin hangers may be used for wood-to-wood or wood-to-steel applications. Precision forming provides dimensional accuracy and helps ensure proper bearing area and connection.


  • See Top-Flange Hanger Load Table for Glulam Beams


  • HHB, GB, HGB, all saddle hangers and all welded sloped and special hangers — Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint. May be ordered hot-dip galvanized; specify HDG.


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • HHB, GB and HGB may be used for weld-on applications. The minimum required weld to the top flanges is 3/16" x 2" fillet weld to each side of each top-flange tab. Distribute the weld equally on both top flanges. Welding cancels the top and face nailing requirements. Consult the code for special considerations when welding galvanized steel. The area should be well-ventilated. See General Instructions for the Installer, note m for weld information. Weld-on applications produce the maximum allowable load listed. Uplift loads do not apply to welded applications.
  • Ledgers must be evaluated for each application separately. Check TF dimension, nail length and nail location on ledger. For attaching to headers made up of multiple 2xs, refer to technical bulletin Top-Flange Hanger Reductions For Multiple-Ply Headers (T-C-MPLYHEADR).


  • HHB — other widths are available; specify W dimension (the minimum W dimension is 2 1/2").
  • Saddle hangers are made to order; add "D" to model (e.g. HHBD3); specify S (for saddle) dimension. It is recommended to add between 1/16" and 1/8" to beam dimension. They may be used for most conditions except at end wall locations, and are preferred for nailer applications.
  • The coating on special B hangers will depend on the manufacturing process used. Check with your Simpson Strong-Tie representative for details. Hot-dip galvanized available; specify HDG.
  • B dimensions may be increased on some models.
  • Hangers may be sloped down to a maximum of 45°. Use 70% of table downloads. Use 100% of table uplifts.

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Load Tables

Code Reports

Part IAPMO UES ER ICC-ES ESR City of Los Angeles State of Florida
BD No code listing. Please contact us for test data.
GBSee specific model numbers for code listings.
HGBSee specific model numbers for code listings.
HHBSee specific model numbers for code listings.
HHBD No code listing. Please contact us for test data.
HHBD412 No code listing. Please contact us for test data.


Part Orthographic Perspective
BDNone None
GBNone None
HGBNone None
HHBNone None
HHBDNone None
HHBD412None None