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SPH Stud Plate Tie, Heavy


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Strong-Rod® URS Components

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The SPH is a heavy U-shaped strap designed as a stud-to-plate connection to resist roof uplift. This heavy U-shaped strap has a horizontal portion that bears against the wood wall top plates or sill plates and two vertical legs that are nailed to the edges of a wood stud. This tie is a cost-effective option when properly installed before the placement of the wall.

Key Features

  • Load rated
  • Designed to resist wind and seismic forces
  • Does not require top or bottom track attachment


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes

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Load Tables

    These products are available with additional corrosion protection.

Model No. Dimensions (in.) Stud Plate Width Fasteners (in.) Allowable Uplift Loads
W L Stud Plate DF/SP SPF/HF
Side4 (160) Center5 (160) Side4 (160) Center5 (160)
SPH4 3 9/16 8 3/4 2x 4x (10) 0.148 x 1 1/2 520 1,040 450 895
(12) 0.148 x 1 1/2 600 1,200 550 1,030
SPH6 5 9/16 9 1/4 2x 6x (10) 0.148 x 1 1/2 520 1,040 450 895
(12) 0.148 x 1 1/2 600 1,200 550 1,030
SPH8 7 5/16 8 3/8 2x 8x (10) 0.148 x 1 1/2 520 1,040 450 895
(12) 0.148 x 1 1/2 600 1,200 550 1,030
  1. See Straps and Ties General Notes.
  2. Maximum load for SPH in southern yellow pine is 1,415 lb. for center loading and 710 lb. for side loading.
  3. When cross-grain bending or cross-grain tension cannot be avoided in the members, mechanical reinforcement to resist such forces shall be considered by the designer.
  4. Use Side (eccentric) load when uplift loads are applied to only one face of the top plate.
  5. Use Center (concentric) loads when uplift loads are applied at the centerline of the top plate, or where equal loads are applied to both sides of the top plate. Center loads should also be used for stud-to-bottom plate loads.
  6. Order SPH4R and SPH6R for installation over 1/2" sheathing with a maximum DF/SP load of 1,360 lb. for center loading.
  7. Fasteners: Nail dimensions in the table are listed diameter by length. For additional information, see Fastener Types and Sizes Specified for Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors.

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