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ATS-SBC Rod-to-Steel-Beam Connector

URS Run Starts

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The rod-to-steel-beam connector (ATS-SBC) features a preattached high-strength steel threaded rod and weldable plate for use on projects where the run is to be anchored to steel beams. The SBC is pre-assembled as a single unit, saving contractors installation time and cost. The design of the steel beam and the stiffeners are the responsibility of the designer.

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Load Tables

Rod-to-Steel-Beam Connector (SBC)

Model No. Rod Diameter (in.) 3,4 Rod Height (in.) Rod-to-Beam Plate Size (in.) Fillet Weld Size (in.) Total Weld Length (in.)2 Allowable Tension Load (lb.)1,5
Width Length Thickness
ATS-SBC5H 5/8 12 (top of rod to bottom of plate) 3 3 3/4 1/4 5 13,805
ATS-SBC6H 3/4 3 1 5/16 5 19,880
ATS-SBC8H 1 3 1 1/4 5/16 10 35,345
ATS-SBC10H 1 1/4 5 1 1/2 5/16 14 57,525
ATS-SBC11H 1 3/8 6 1 1/2 5/16 16 69,605
ATS-SBC12H 1 1/2 7 1 3/4 5/16 18 82,835
  1. Allowable loads are for ATS-SBC only. No further increase in allowable load is permitted.
  2. The weld length for the ATS-SBC5H and ATS-SBC6H requires only two opposing sides of the plate to be fillet welded full length less a 1/4" holdback from each of the edges. For the ATS-SBC8H up to the ATS-SBC12H, all four sides must be fillet welded full length less a 1/4" holdback from each of the edges. All fillet welds, FEXX, to be greater than or equal to 70 ksi and to follow geometry and standards per AISC 360-16 and AWS 2017. Prepare base materials in accordance with AWS D1.1.
  3. For purposes of coupling on to the rod above, the ATS-SBC threaded rod specification is UNC Class 2A, in accordance with ANSE/ASME B1.1
  4. The minimum tensile strength, Fu, of the threaded rod for the ATS-SBC5H, ATS-SBC6H and ATS-SBC8H is 120 ksi, and for the ATS-SBC10H, ATS-SBC11H and ATS-SBC12H it is 125 ksi. For rod steel ASTM specifications, see reference above.
  5. A minimum flange thickness of 0.258" is required for the structural steel beam.

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