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WSW-HSR Extension Kit


WSW-HSR allows for anchorage in tall stemwall applications where full embedment of a WSW-AB into the footing is required. The head is stamped for identification like a WSW-AB. Kit includes ASTM A449 high-strength rod with heavy hex nut fixed in place and high-strength coupler nut. Do not use in place of WSW-AB.

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Product Information Tables

WSW-HSR Extension Kit

Strong-Wall Wood Shearwall Width (in.)

Model No.

Dia. (in.)

Total Length (in.)

le (in.)

12 and 18

WSW-HSR7/8x24KT 7/8 24 22
WSW-HSR7/8x36KT 7/8 36 34


WSW-HSR1x24KT 1 24 22
WSW-HSR1x36KT 1 36 34
Total le = WSW-HSR le + WSW-AB le + 2⅛"