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WSWH-AB Strong-Wall® High-Strength Wood Shearwall Anchor Bolt

The WSWH-AB high-strength wood shearwall anchor bolt is replacing the WSW anchor bolt. WSWH accessories are compatible only with WSWH panels; use WSW accessories with WSW panels.

The WSWH-AB is a heavy-duty preassembled anchor bolt used to attach Strong-Wall® high-strength wood shearwalls (WSWH) to concrete foundations. With a 1" diameter and a variety of length options, these anchor bolts offer flexibility for meeting specific project demands. A stamped head makes inspection and identification easy with a No-Equal® symbol, bolt length, bolt diameter and optional “HS” for high strength, if specified.

Key Features

  • Fixed-in-place heavy hex compression nut to improve performance
  • Head stamp for easy identification and inspection
  • Supplied with extra nut for attachment to anchor template

Product Includes

  • An additional nut for template installation is provided with each WSWH-AB


  • ASTM F1554 Grade 36; high-strength (HS) ASTM A193 Grade B7


  • Install WSWH-AB before the concrete is poured using the appropriate WSWH-RT template and supplied nut; locate per designer
  • Install shear reinforcement per the registered design professional before concrete is poured
  • Foundation design by designer

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
New products
Model No. Wall Model Dimensions (in.) le (in.) Packaging Qty.
WSWH-AB1X24 WSWH12, WSWH18, WSWH24 1 x 24 15 1/2 1
WSWH-AB1X24HS WSWH12, WSWH18, WSWH24 1 x 24 15 1/2 1
WSWH-AB1X30 WSWH12, WSWH18, WSWH24 1 x 30 21 1/2 1
WSWH-AB1X30HS WSWH12, WSWH18, WSWH24 1 x 30 21 1/2 1
WSWH-AB1X36 WSWH12, WSWH18, WSWH24 1 x 36 27 1/2 1
WSWH-AB1X36HS WSWH12, WSWH18, WSWH24 1 x 36 27 1/2 1

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