ICS General FAQ

Connector Plates

What size plates do we offer? Do we have 16- or 18-gauge high-strength plates?

SST offers an extensive line of plate sizes that align very well with our customers’ needs. All of our 18-gauge plates are high strength; in addition, we manufacture a special high-tension truss plate.

Where do we stamp plates?

We have manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the continental United States and Canada.

What is the turnaround on plate orders?

All plate orders are processed and shipped within a week from the most convenient warehouse.

Where can I find the code reports for truss plates?

You can find them on our Truss Connector Plates page on our website.


Is this still the Keymark software?

No, CS Truss Studio and CS Director are completely new programs developed exclusively by Simpson Strong-Tie.

How do I get assistance with design-related questions and technical issues?

There are many resources available in the Director and Truss Studio Help systems. Additionally, the ICS Customer Zone has many useful resources. The ICS Helpdesk is open Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Mountain Time to take questions over the phone or by email. Our team is here to support you and committed to addressing your questions or concerns as quickly as possible.

Will I get to talk to a person when I call the Helpdesk? What is the process?

A team of Helpdesk representatives is available to answer your call Monday through Friday, 6:00 am–5:30 pm (Mountain Time). When you call the ICS Helpdesk at (866) 252-8606 during normal business hours, you will be prompted to press “1” with Truss inquiries or “2” with EWP and other software support inquiries. In the event that all Helpdesk representatives are assisting other customers, you’ll be given three options: (1)  Stay connected and wait for the next available agent; (2) request to disconnect, retaining your place in the queue, and automatically receive a call back from the next available agent ,; * (3) leave a voicemail and the next available agent will contact you.

* When using the auto-call back option, follow the prompts carefully to ensure your callback request is submitted.

What are the software fees?

Component Solutions® Director and Truss Studio fees are included as part of the truss plate-pricing package. EWP Studio has a separate fee schedule.

Can anyone have access to the design software?

At this time, only component manufacturers and engineers performing analysis to retrofit solar panels on trussed roofs are allowed access to the software.

What software is available and what does it do?

Simpson Strong-Tie offers a management program (Director) and an integrated layout-and-design program for roof and floor trusses (Truss Studio). In addition, we offer EWP Studio and a separate program for wall panel design (through our legacy software).

What are the minimum system requirements to support the software?

Consult the following resource for information: Component Solutions® System Requirements.


Does the software interface with saw/fabrication equipment?

The software interfaces with all major equipment manufacturers.

Is there a demo video of the software?

There is an Introduction to ICS video on our Integrated Component Systems page on our website.

Can I get a copy of the program to test?

Typically, we do not install software on prospective customers’ computers, but we will arrange that customers who display sufficient interest to borrow one of our training laptops for a few weeks after completing an introductory training demonstration.

How do I get more information about the software and plates?

Email us at CSHelp@strongtie.com, and a Simpson Strong-Tie representative will get in touch with you.