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Strong-Wall® Wood Shearwalls: Two-Story Stacked-On Concrete Foundations

The same Strong-Wall® Wood Shearwall models used for standard applications on concrete may be used in stacked wall applications. See Product data tables below for models that may be used in this application.

Two-Story Stacked WSW Product Data — Upper Wall
Model No. W(in.) H(in.) Total Wall Weight(lb.)
WSW18x9 18 105¼ 185
WSW24x9 24 105¼ 245
WSW18x10 18 117¼ 205
WSW24x10 24 117¼ 270
WSW18x11 18 129¼ 220
WSW24x11 24 129¼ 295
WSW18x12 18 141¼ 240
WSW24x12 24 141¼ 320
  1. Order WSW-MSKXXKT separately for two-story stacked applications.
  2. See product data table on page 10 for footnotes.
  3. The width of the upper wall should match the width of the lower wall.
Multi-Story Connection Kit
Model No. Contents

(2) Holdowns with pre-attached bolts

(2) Standard hex nuts and flat washers

(1) LSL bearing block

Installation instructions

Two-Story Stacked WSW Product Data — Bottom Wall
Model No. W(in.) H(in.) Anchor Bolts Total Wall Weight(lb.)
Qty. Dia. (in.)
WSW18x8 18 93¼ 2 165
WSW24x8 24 93¼ 2 1 225
WSW18x9 18 105¼ 2 185
WSW24x9 24 105¼ 2 1 245
WSW18x10 18 117¼ 2 205
WSW24x10 24 117¼ 2 1 270
WSW18x11 18 129¼ 2 220
WSW24x11 24 129¼ 2 1 295
WSW18x12 18 141¼ 2 240
WSW24x12 24 141¼ 2 1 320


  • All panels may be trimmed to a minimum of 74½". Trim height from top of panel only, do not trim from sides or bottom. Drilling holes in the Strong-Wall® Wood Shearwalls is not allowed except as shown here.
  • Anchor-bolt nuts should be snug tight.
  • Maximum shim thickness between the shearwall and the top plates or header is ⅞".
  • Walls may also be used in 2x6 wall framing. Install the panel flush to the outside face of the framing and add furring to the opposite side.
  • Standard top-of-wall connections install with nails.
  • The second-story panel must be the same width as the first-story panel.
  • When specifying the height of the second-story panels, add the total floor height, including sheathing, to the wall height, then subtract 2". See h3 definition here.

Two-Story Stacked
Two-Story Stacked Installation
Two-Story Stacked Installation

Two-Story Stacked MSK Connection Details - WSW
Two-Story Stacked MSK Connection Details
Alternative top connection recommended. WSW
2x6 Framing Installation
Alternative top connection recommended.
2x6 Framing Installation WSW
2x6 Framing Installation
Cut slots (¼" wide max.) in the top plates to allow the MSK holdown to pass through. Do not notch the double top plates.
First-Story Installation with Wood Floor System WSW
First-Story Installation with Wood Floor System
Specify panel height from top of foundation to underside of top plates.

Code Reports