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Introducing Simpson Strong-Tie Builder Solutions

Every company is unique. That’s why every solution we create is unique. Simpson Strong-Tie offers Builder Solutions — the perfect balance of tools, expertise and support to turn your business into an efficiency machine.


The only company with just the right mix of software, service and training

Building and selling homes is your business. Helping you do it better is ours. With Simpson Strong-Tie Builder Solutions, you’ll manage options more efficiently, construct more predictably, and get homes on the market faster. Not only will your company be rewarded, so will your customers.



Complete technology solutions for the production builder

We leverage our deep understanding of builder needs to create software that streamlines every part of your process. From design to estimation to production to sales — you’ll gain greater operational efficiencies, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

  • Option Management Software
  • Cloud Estimating Software
  • Sales and Marketing Software
  • Efficiency Tools
  • Media Solution

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Service for every aspect of your business

At Simpson Strong-Tie, we have a legacy of customer support. Whether it’s insight into a technical issue or project design, our experts are here to assist at a moment’s notice — on the phone, online, or on site. Problem solving is our passion. And we do it on your schedule, not ours.

  • 65+ licensed engineers on staff to take your call
  • 200+ field sales representatives to meet you at the office or jobsite
  • 5 accredited full-scale labs to verify product solutions
  • Extended customer service hours to help you meet your deadlines with 73 Customer Service Reps to serve you

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Customized training to help our builders be more successful

Our success is measured by yours. That’s why when it comes to navigating project workflows or installing products, our extensive network of training centers, workshops, and jobsite support ensure that you’ll have your own team of experts in no time.

  • Earn Professional Development Hours
  • 11 training centers in the U.S. and Canada
  • More than 260 training workshops offered annually
  • Online courses and videos available 24/7

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Simplified, Efficient, and Predictable: How Montana’s 2016 Builder of the Year Adopted a Scalable BIM Solution

Founded by Jim McCall in 1993, McCall Homes has always been focused on providing quality homes in neighborhoods across Billings, Montana. As McCall’s three children (Brad, Carolee, and Greg) joined the company over the years, that concept of quality has evolved into an even more meaningful vision: to create communities where homeowners can connect with their neighbors and live in a place “where life really happens.”

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