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Because we customize a solution around your needs, you now have a choice in LBM software.

You may be leveraging technology in certain areas of your business, but is it integrated and improving your overall workflow? If the answer is no, then you need a partner who can not only bring integrated technology solutions to your business, but do it without disrupting the day-to-day operations that allow you to serve your customers. Simpson Strong-Tie technology solutions help you turn takeoffs into project data that can inform your business in a streamlined way, eliminating extra work and mistakes. We bring all the pieces of the technology puzzle together to create a solution that fits how you do business. Our solutions combine our technology services with ongoing engagement and support. Simpson Strong-Tie has the expertise in service, training and technology to bring your company to the next level of sales and growth. And we’ll do it without leaving you stranded on the learning curve.


Simpson Strong-Tie will help you put together a technology plan that seamlessly integrates with the tools you are already using to optimize your original investment. You can continue to utilize hand takeoff workflows, adopt a plan takeoff without starting over or position yourself to a model takeoff when your organization is ready.


We offer an ongoing partnership that ensures your success with training, service and support based on an assessment of your team's needs.

  • Onsite discovery to ensure we are meeting your business objectives and goals
  • Complete setup and training assistance allowing you to successfully implement change without affecting the workflows you already have in progress
  • Ongoing support for your team as needed to assist in day-to-day operational tasks


Our Pipeline LBM software is a versatile, cloud-based material management and estimating system that transforms ANY takeoff quantities into real-world data to drive your business.

Introducing LBM Solutions Software
Our LBM Solutions software helps you turn takeoffs into real-world data to drive your business. You can take any plan (handwritten, blueprints or 3D models) and turn it into an estimate and create a sales quote in no time. Our software, service and training are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

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