Component Solutions® Software Built for Your Business

Simpson Strong-Tie has been a supplier of connectors for trusses and engineered-wood products for years. This experience has provided insights into the needs of the component manufacturer and has resulted in the development of innovative software that meets those needs.

Our Component Solutions software has been designed from the ground up to provide powerful and flexible business management and design solutions to support your Truss and EWP business.

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Truss Layout and Design Software

Component Solutions® Truss Studio is an integrated, easy-to-use layout and truss design solution. With CS Truss Studio, design professionals are able to effectively create 3D truss layouts, design individual truss components and specify connectors and ply-to-ply fasteners.

  • Easily manage and apply global project settings
  • Robust configuration options provide maximum flexibility for design professionals
  • Complete integration between truss layout and design with option to disconnect

Project Management Software

Component Solutions® Director streamlines the project management processes for truss component manufacturers, optimizing workflow and communication throughout the project lifecycle. From a single component to a large multi-plan development, CS Director manages your projects with powerful, time-saving features that keep your business running smoothly.

  • Intuitive workflows for managing projects including material and preset management, bids through orders, loose-ship materials and services, components and truss sets, production groups, stacking lists and deliveries, and robust reporting options
  • Schedule tasks and manage project status using integrated, web-based calendars
  • Project List filters can be configured to display projects and project information that is most important for individual users

EWP Modeling and Structural Analysis Software

Component Solutions® EWP Studio combines 3D layout, member design and material reporting. Choose from a wide array of EWP manufacturers’ products and specify Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and fasteners with confidence. From single-member designs to complex, multi-level layouts, the flexibility of CS EWP Studio makes it an optimal design solution. Since CS EWP Studio supports most EWP products, as well as steel and dimensional lumber, it is your comprehensive design solution that adapts with you, regardless of EWP manufacturer.

  • Supports most engineered wood products available in the market in a single platform
  • Loads are automatically distributed throughout the 3D model and applied to structural members
  • Structural members are analyzed to meet or exceed design criteria, including Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and fasteners
  • Utilize a wide array of tools to customize material reports and layouts for your final jobsite documents


“We are planning better, producing and scheduling better; all with efficient communication and execution due to Simpson’s customizable program.”

Zach S, Truss Designer, Roof Tech Truss

“Simpson Strong-Tie’s software impressed us immediately with their wide variety of reporting options.”

Josh M, Production Manager, Burrow’s Post-Frame Supply