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Component Solutions® Software Built for Your Business

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The new Component Solutions® Director™ and Truss Studio™ software has been designed from the ground up to provide easy and flexible solutions for your business.

As a supplier of connectors for trusses and engineered-wood products, Simpson Strong-Tie has been involved in the structural building component industry for decades. This experience has provided invaluable insights into the needs of the component manufacturer and resulted in the latest addition to the Simpson Strong-Tie product line for light-frame construction.

  • Model structures in an intuitive 3D environment
  • Create truss designs and optimize them for production efficiency
  • Generate bids quickly
  • Send truss designs to Simpson Strong-Tie for engineering seals from within the software
  • Generate production reports and automated machinery files to meet your manufacturing needs

Continuous improvement based on customer input is a cornerstone of our software development strategy. Our sales and development team will be working closely with users to identify areas where we can expand functionality to increase versatility and efficiency in future releases.