Yield-Link® Brace Connection for Steel Construction

The Brace Connection with a Breakthrough Design

The Yield-Link brace connection (YLBC) is an innovative solution for isolating damage while ensuring brace frames within structural steel buildings remain intact during a seismic or wind event. With pre-designed, bolted connections, it simplifies design work, eliminates the need for field welding, and is easy to incorporate into new builds or retrofits. YLBC gives fabricators, erectors, engineers, building owners, and contractors a proven, efficient, and more economical solution for structural steel.

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Yield-Link Brace Connection

Ensure a highly resilient steel structure with the Yield-Link® brace connection from Simpson Strong-Tie. This innovative connection isolates damage to a replaceable yielding element while the brace frame remains intact.


Building Owners

  • Bolted connection accelerates construction schedules for faster building occupancy and lower project costs
  • Cost-effective solution for retrofitting of existing structures
  • Resilient design protects beams, columns and braces for less costly repairs and shorter recovery time in a major event


  • Code listed under ICC ESR-4342
  • Multiple full-scale tests to prove product performance
  • Design software tools available for simple integration with your existing design programs
  • Standardized design parameters reduces design and project delivery times
  • Support provided by our dedicated engineering staff to assist with design and detailing
  • Master specification and typical detail sheets available
  • Reduced base shear when compared to SCBF and OCBF due to high code-approved response modification factor (R) of 8.

General Contractors

  • Expedites construction schedules and reduces coordination between trades
  • Eliminate delays required for field welding and inspection of the brace-to-gusset connection
  • Small protected zone allows for non-structural attachments
  • Connection is available as a stock product reducing delivery lead times


  • No hidden licensing fee
  • Field bolted connection reduces site labor and install time
  • Greater control over availability, lead time and costs
  • No slot cutting, welding or special fabrication is required for the brace member
  • Detailing software is available for integration with your steel detailing software

Software Plugins and Tools

Yield-Link brace connection software and design support services provide the functionality and technical expertise to help you quickly develop, model and document complete designs according to your projects unique specifications—all while staying on time and within budget.