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Connect: Be Part of a Team Where Coworkers Connect and Feel Like Family

When you accept a job with Simpson Strong-Tie, you're joining a community where people support each other. Experience mutual trust and respect firsthand — they're the key pillars of everything we do.

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Value No. 8 — Give Back

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Value No. 8 — Give Back
We are all connected in some way and are all part of a greater community. It's important to make what impact you can. Look for small ways to give back every day — help out your neighbor, make time for others. Do what you can.Barclay Simpson, Founder

Here's what our employees say about connection:

Simpson Strong-Tie® & Habitat for Humanity - Tucson Build
Check out Simpson Strong-Tie employees working together to give back to our communities
It's like a family that has your back. My manager treats me like an equal and respects my decisions.Cheryl, Sales, McKinney, TX
Someone is always there to ask if you need a hand with anything. My manager is super supportive of us and wants us to succeed. We all try and work together to get the most out of our days here. For me, it's definitely the people. They're like a second family to me, and it shows.Inside Sales employee, Canada
I could make the same amount of money closer to home, but it seems like everybody matters here. It's worth the 50-minute drive to be a part of this.Software Development employee, Boulder, CO

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Be part of a team where coworkers connect and feel like family.

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