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Create: Use Your Creativity and Ideas to Make Our Projects, Processes and Solutions Better

Innovation and creativity are encouraged and rewarded here. We foster an atmosphere where autonomy and collaboration coexist. And we challenge you to contribute, take initiative and explore new ideas.

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Value No. 7 — Risk-Taking Innovation

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Value No. 7 — Risk-Taking Innovation
Great companies are built on creative ideas from talented people — you have to take risks. Sure we all make mistakes along the way. I certainly have and if you're really going to be innovative, you're going to make mistakes. Be creative and you'll inspire yourself and others to try something new.Barclay Simpson, Founder

Here's what our employees say about creating:

Yield-Link® Connection for Structural Steel Construction
Get an inside look on how we're innovating and creating products that solve problems
We have this environment where we can take an idea and drive it. Even if it doesn't work out — you still have the support to bring it forward. Risk-taking and innovation is not always going to work, but every idea doesn't have to work. That's not how innovation works. You keep trying until you get something that's really good. If something's broke, then fix it!Production employee, Stockton, CA
I have always feared getting bored with a job or a career. Simpson Strong-Tie provides a healthy source of 'new' on a consistent basis.Bryan, Engineering, McKinney, TX
If you step up, you can do things. There are different paths to meet the goals — you choose.Ilya, Maintenance, Stockton, CA

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