What Makes Simpson Strong-Tie Special?

When you think of the best a family has to offer — support, collaboration and respect — that’s what we value. When there’s a win, we’ll cheer you on. When there’s a snag, coworkers step in to help you out. Working on solutions together is just the way we do things here, and that creates an atmosphere that often feels like family. And respecting the importance and uniqueness of each individual also means recognizing that every person has a home, a family and a social and personal life outside the workplace. This entails helping you create the right home/work balance in your life. Exactly how that balance looks for each person might vary depending on your specific job responsibilities and home life, but we know that respecting our people means respecting the whole person and fostering conditions that support not just their work needs but their needs and interests away from work as well.

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At Simpson Strong-Tie, you’ll work alongside talented, passionate, dedicated, humble and genuinely kind people who are all contributing to our shared mission: to provide solutions that help people design and build safer, stronger structures.

It’s this mission and our strong people-focused values that have made Simpson Strong-Tie a unique place to work — a place where you can connect, create and build your career. We invite you to learn more about our culture and why our employees are our most loyal customers.

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Be part of a team where coworkers connect and feel like family.


Put down roots, build your career and contribute to the company’s success.


Use your creativity and ideas to make our projects, processes and solutions better.

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No matter where you are or where you want to be, we have a place for you. When you join our Talent Network, you’ll get updates on new job openings, find out what it’s like to work at Simpson Strong-Tie, and more. Even if we don’t have a position open when you’re looking, you’ll be the first to know when we post new jobs that meet your area of interest in one of our five specialized talent networks. Being a part of our Talent Network helps you stay connected and ready for your next opportunity.

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Simpson Strong-Tie Company Value No. 6 — Enable Growth

“When people join our company, they don’t come for a bus stop. This is a career. A great company gives people an atmosphere where they are happy to come to work in the morning and they have confidence in their future with the company. Where they know their hard work will be recognized. People are encouraged to grow, to seek out the positive in everyday challenges and find new opportunities to contribute to the company's success.”
- Barclay Simpson, Founder