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Component Solutions® EWP Studio™

Component Solutions® EWP Studio™ is a layout, design and structural analysis enterprise solution that combines layout/drafting, single-member design, reporting and an incredible real-time 3D experience while supporting a selection of products, including I-joists, LVL, lumber, walls, rim board, hangers, etc.

EWP Studio Tools

  • Plan Tool
    • Design 3D layouts that allow the entire structure to be modeled in 2D and 3D views
    • Develop structural members with gravity loads that can be developed and transferred through the structure
  • Design Tool
    • Size single members for the most cost-effective solution
    • Size floor and roof joists, beams and posts simply by inputting span and load information
  • Wall Tool
    • Model tall walls while running gravity and wind analysis for all wall components
    • Create material lists, layout drawings and cutting sheets
  • Optimize Tool
    • Create optimized cutting lists for engineered wood products
    • Minimize waste by using either manual or imported inventories to ensure the best material utilization
  • Review Tool
    • View and interact with the EWP Studio model to gain a deeper understanding of original design decisions
Create comprehensive framing layouts with material and hanger schedules.
Integrated 3D building model
Analyze joists, beams, and columns with or without a layout