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Component Solutions® Truss Studio™ — Designed Around You

CS Truss Studio is a fully integrated, easy-to-use layout and truss design solution. Its intuitive interface reduces the learning curve, enabling Designers to become proficient in a short period of time.

  • Truss layout input is designed for speed and efficiency
  • Import PDF files to expedite wall input
  • Specify truss-to-truss connections
  • Easily manage and change global settings for a project
  • Efficiently input trusses and define truss profiles
  • Generate bids quickly
  • Customizable hotkeys and toolbars
  • Add chases and loads to 4x2 trusses in layout
  • Complete integration between layout and truss view
Software Requirements
Truss Studio Icon
Design components in an integrated 3D environment.
Analyze all trusses in a layout with a single click.
Dynamic interaction between Layout and Design.
Define chase openings in the layout.