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A Trusted Partner Throughout Your Journey

For over 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has been the pioneer in creating structural products that help people build safer, stronger structures. Today, we bring that innovative approach to our Component Solutions software. 

We work together with component manufacturers and other industry partners to solve problems, fostering a collaborative community with a belief that sharing information has wide-reaching benefits across the construction ecosystem. We leverage the wide range of Simpson Strong-Tie structural hardware, including connectors, fasteners, and truss connector plates, and our established training and support programs, to provide comprehensive and effective solutions for component manufacturers.

Innovative Software

Component Solutions® software provides easy-to-use, flexible solutions to streamline your business and support your customers.

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive training empowers your team, while industry-leading customer service enables continued productivity.

Professional Services

Additional support and resources in the day-to-day tasks for our building industry partners.

Component Review

Experienced technicians and professional engineers review and seal components designed using Component Solutions Software.


EasyFrame EasyCut Saws

Driven by one of the most powerful linear optimization algorithms available, the EasyFrame EasyCut saw prints precision framing layouts for a structure directly onto the framing members themselves using high-resolution ink jet and provides wall panels that are premarked for easy assembly.

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“Simpson Strong-Tie has been there to answer every question that has come up, as well as help us gain efficiency across the board. They have been onsite numerous times, helping us get the most out of our plant.”
- Josh D, General Manager, Route 66 Truss

“It didn’t take long to learn at all; the layout was easy to learn. Truss Studio guides you step-by-step through the different operations.”
- Charles Thomas, Truss Designer, Brough & Whicher