Heli-Tie™ Helical Wall and Stitching Ties

Efficiently Stabilize and Repair Masonry Structures

Simpson Strong-Tie Heli-Tie product line is a line of helical tie products that can serve many different purposes. They are primarily used as a system for repairing & restoring masonry construction but the Heli-Tie product line can also be used in some other unique applications. 

When you are considering a repair on a masonry construction project, helical tie products can greatly impact the overall performance and installed cost of the repair system. We offer a complete line of helical ties, testing device and installation tools and accessories intended to meet the specific requirements of each project. Browse the products and resources below to determine the best solution for your application or contact us to speak with an Engineer or local RPS Specialist at (800) 999-5099.

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An Introduction to the Helical Wall Tie

What do you do when brickwork is in bad condition? This post introduces these two types of helical ties, which might be just what you need for your next brick restoration project.