Repair, Protection and Strengthening Systems for Concrete and Masonry

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Our repair, protection and strengthening systems for concrete and masonry address the unique challenges of commercial retrofit, bridge and marine and water/wastewater projects. This line includes repair solutions for concrete spalling, or for cracking or buckling concrete; strengthening solutions for existing concrete and masonry structures; and protective coatings. These products include everything from mortars, low- and gel-viscosity epoxy resins, and dispensing tools to our line of Heli-Tie™ products designed to efficiently stabilize and repair masonry structures and façades.

Composite Strengthening Systems™

Simpson Strong-Tie and Structural Technologies are leaders in structural solutions — products, technology and services that help people design, build and repair structures to make them stronger and last longer. Structural engineers, contractors and infrastructure owners have chosen our companies for their concrete and masonry strengthening and repair projects because of our innovative, value-engineered products, designs, expert installation methods and dedicated customer support.

Repair and Protection Systems for Concrete and Masonry

The concrete repair, protection and strengthening solutions developed by Simpson Strong-Tie are the result of over 40 years of laboratory development, field study and collaboration with professional contractors. Each of these products have passed the performance and quality assurance protocols that are expected of Simpson Strong-Tie, and have been selected to address the unique challenges of Commercial Retrofit, Bridge and Marine and Water/Wastewater projects.

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