Pavement Reinforcement Solutions

Pave the Way to Stronger Roads

Now you can build roads that are stronger and more economical. Introducing Carbophalt® and Glasphalt asphalt reinforcement grids from Simpson Strong-Tie. Ideal for new construction or resurfacing, our grid is tested and proven to extend the service life of roads, highways and other heavy-use areas.

Carbophalt® G and Glasphalt G asphalt reinforcement grids from Simpson Strong-Tie is a tested, proven and cost-effective way to combat cracking, strengthen asphalt pavement and extend the service life of roadways.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Strong: Product provides high tensile strength and better load transfer to increase durability of pavement
  • Effective: Open-grid design is fully saturated with bitumen for stronger interlocking between layers of pavement and better performance
  • Easy: Cross-weave design accommodates curves with minimal overlap, allows the grid to conform to the shape of the surface; Simpson Strong-Tie grid installation machine simplifies application
  • Versatile: Ideal for new construction or resurfacing, works in any climate across a range of applications and pavement types
  • Cost Effective: Less rutting and cracking means increased lifespan of pavement, reducing costly and time-consuming maintenance
  • Proven: Twenty-year use history and available case studies
  • Supported: We can offer extensive contractor training and jobsite/field sales specialists
  • Recyclable: Roadways installed with these grids can be milled and recycled without degrading the performance of the material
  • Sustainable: Grids reduce the need to replace roadways as frequently, fewer resources are used

Reinforcement Grid to Combat Cracking and Strengthen Asphalt Pavement

Carbophalt and Glasphalt are the go-to pavement reinforcement solutions for businesses and municipalities that demand durability, strength, and performance. Our flier provides an easy-to-read guide to the features, benefits, applications, and installation instructions for our product lineups.



  • New construction and rehabilitation
  • Overlays and spot repairs
  • Roads
  • Bridge decks
  • Loading docks
  • Port loading facilities
  • Ridged pavement with asphalt overlays
  • Demanding service conditions
  • Airports
  • Parking lots
  • Railroad, bus and trucking terminals
  • Bus stops, starts and turning lanes


Asphalt reinforcement grid is installed using the Simpson Strong-Tie grid installation machine. Equipment rental and complete training for project managers and operators is available.