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In the modular construction industry, quality and efficiency matter most. That's why we’ve tailored our product line to offer innovative solutions that save time in manufacturing and on the jobsite—while providing the strength, flexibility and reliability you depend on. Our tested and load-rated connectors and fasteners—like the MMHC hinged roof connector and Quik Drive® collated drywall screws—are designed to minimize cost and maximize speed and precision, keeping your modular projects on time and on budget.

SCLC Stair Cassette Ledger Connector

The SCLC is ideal for connecting preassembled stair cassettes to ledgers. The SCLC installs on the header in the factory with power-driven or hand-installed common nails. At the jobsite, the cassette is simply lowered onto the SCLC and fastened with Strong-Drive® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws.

MMHC Hinged Roof Connector

The innovative MMHC hinged roof connector makes it easy to build a stick-frame roof in the factory that can fold flat during shipping. This connector has been tested and load rated in multiple directions. It can be installed on one or both sides of the roof rafter assembly.

MMH8 Roof Tiedown

The versatile MMH8 line of connectors provides uplift resistance for roof trusses and rafters for factory-built structures. The nailing grids in the MMH8 replace traditional nail holes allowing for faster installation of power-driven nails. The MMH8 nailing grids also permit multiple nailing pattern options to enable value engineering for different load levels. Connectors have been evaluated with and without 5/8" bearing strips.

MMLU Face-Mount Hangers

The MMLU series provides installation versatility for factory-built structures. Nailing grids in the MMLU hangers replace traditional nail holes, allowing for faster installation of power-driven nails. Each hanger provides multiple nailing pattern options to enable value engineering for different loads.

Modular Building: a Faster, Higher-Quality Alternative to Stick-Built Construction

The advantages of modular construction are making themselves better known throughout the building industry, and we can expect to see more and more panel-built homes, offices and other modular structures in the years and decades to come.

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Connectors, Fasteners & Anchors for Modular Building

With the launch of our new MMHC hinged roof connector, we created a new catalog to help you easily locate the right connector or fastener to meet your modular building, offsite or factory-built construction needs.