LDSS Spline Solution for Mass Timber

A Faster, More Economical Spline Connection Than Plywood

Save labor and manufacturing costs with the LDSS spline solution from Simpson Strong-Tie. Unlike plywood splines that require routing, the LDSS light diaphragm steel spline strap can be placed directly on top of CLT or other mass timber panels. It installs easily and safely with our PRO300SG2 Quik Drive® tool and collated Strong-Drive® WSV Subfloor screws. An innovative embossed hole design helps guide the installation tool and increases fastener capacity. Typical mass timber projects can save on the total cost of their spline connections by switching to the LDSS system, with multiple additional advantages over plywood splines.

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The complete LDSS spline solution is widely available, tested and backed by our expert service and support.


Cost-effective and reliable

  • No routing required; can be placed directly on top of CLT panels, reducing manufacturing time and cost
  • Less susceptible to moisture damage than plywood splines
  • Embossed hole increases capacity per fastener
  • Tested for in-plane shear values
  • Straps, tools and fasteners are shipped on demand with the rest of your Simpson Strong-Tie fastener and connector order


Fast, easy, safe installation

  • Quik Drive tool and collated WSV Subfloor fastener increase speed, reduce fatigue and eliminate the need for a pneumatic nailer
  • Embossed hole helps guide the installation tool into the hole
  • Cordless tool reduces tripping hazards
  • Tool extension allows screw installation from standing position


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