Innovative Solutions for the Steel Construction Industry

Meeting structural steel challenges with innovative solutions.

With over 65 years of leadership in structural engineering, Simpson Strong-Tie offers tested and proven solutions for structural steel. Our suite of innovative products and technology are designed to help maximize efficiency and resiliency at every stage of the construction process. With Simpson Strong-Tie as your partner in structural steel, you’ll work smarter and build stronger.

Yield-Link® Moment Connection

From building owners to engineers, to contractors and fabricators, our state-of-the-art special moment frame Yield-Link design saves everyone time and money—while providing a connection that keeps structural steel buildings strong and safe.

Yield-Link® Brace Connection

Ensure a highly resilient steel structure with the Yield-Link® brace connection from Simpson Strong-Tie. This innovative connection isolates damage to a replaceable yielding element while the brace frame remains intact.

Edge-Tie™ System

Connect cladding or curtain walls faster with the Edge-Tie system from Simpson Strong-Tie. Our high-strength solution simplifies installation with an innovative, continuous channel for easy anchor placement.