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Quik Drive Auto-Feed Screw Driving Solutions



Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Systems increase productivity while providing superior fastener performance

Fastening has never been as fast or as cost-effective. Collated-screw fastening tools are replacing traditional nail guns for their speed, reliability and power. Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving systems are easy to use, durable and designed for a wide variety of fastening applications. Featuring quick-loading screw strips, precise countersink adjustment and a patented auto-advance mechanism, Quik Drive tools save time and expense on jobsites every day.

Fastening Systems Catalog

2019 Fasteners Catalog

Comprehensive information for our Fastening Systems line of screws and nails, collated nails and staples, collated screws, and Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems.

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Quickly search our wide array of fasteners to find exactly what you need. Search by multiple criteria, such as application, type and model number. Explore our extensive product line in seconds.

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Quik Drive vs Pneumatic Fasteners

Quik Drive vs Pneumatic Fasteners

Quik Drive is the ideal fastener delivery system for attaching sheathing/subfloor to a joist so floors don’t squeak.

Quik Drive for Subfloor Fastening


Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems, featuring quick-loading screw strips, precise countersink adjustment and patented auto-advance mechanism, are easy to use and ideal for subfloor installation.