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Multi-Ply Wood Trusses Applications: Strong-Drive® Screws (SDS) For Girder Trusses

Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive screws (SDS) offer a fast and easy method for fastening multi-ply trusses from one side, with no need to flip the truss. Also see SDW Strong-Drive Structural Wood Screws with low-profile heads for another easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for joining plated trusses.

  1. Install Strong-Drive screws a minimum of 1 inch into the last truss ply, with a maximum gap of 1/8" allowed between each truss ply.
  2. Screw spacing shall not exceed 24" o.c.
  3. Hanger load spacing on the multiple-ply truss shall not exceed 24" o.c.
  4. The Truss Designer shall ensure that adequate lateral bracing is provided to prevent displacement of the truss and the truss bottom chord due to the torsion created by the structural members framing into the side of the multiple-ply girder truss.
  5. Strong-Drive screws may be installed with the heads in either the loaded or unloaded ply (see Allowable Shear Loads table). For unloaded ply applications, hanger face nails shall be a minimum of 3" long.
  6. Strong-Drive screws are permitted to be installed through metal truss plates as approved by the Truss Designer, provided the requirements of ANSI/TPI 1-2007 Section and 8.9.2 are met (pre-drilling required through the plate using a maximum of 5/32" bit).
  7. Use 1 row of SDS's in 2x4 members, 2 rows in 2x6 and 2x8 members, 3 rows in 2x10 members. Rows should be staggered.
  8. Individual screw locations may be adjusted up to 1/2 of the required screw spacing to avoid conflicts with other hardware or to avoid lumber defects.

For 2-ply and 3-ply girders, see also Quik Drive for Truss Ply Fastening for a safe and fast alternative to pneumatic nailers.

For parallel chord truss applications, see SDS for Two-Ply 4X2 Parallel Chord Trusses.

See also SDW Strong-Drive Structural Wood Screws.


SDS Installation in Loaded Ply

SDS Installation in Loaded Ply

SDS Installation in Unloaded Ply

SDS Installation in Unloaded Ply

Simpson Strong-Drive® screw

Simpson Strong-Drive screw

U.S. Patents 6,109,850 / 5,897,280 / 5,044,853

Load Table

Load Table
  1. Where noted allowable loads are based on ESR-2236.
  2. The Truss Designer shall apply all adjustment factors required per the NDS.
  3. Loads are based on 1 1/2" thick wood side members and apply to 3 and 4 ply 2x wood truss applications. (Side and main members of same wood species.) Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for other applications.
  4. LSL applications are limited to interior-dry use only.