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Wood Strong-Wall®: Installation of Garage Portal Systems on Concrete Foundations

Technical and Installation Notes

  • Typical shim thickness between the Strong-Wall® and top plates or header is 7/8" or less using Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive® 1/4"x 6" SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws. For additional shim thickness, contact Simpson Strong-Tie.
  • For holdowns, per ASTM standards, anchor bolt nuts should be finger-tight plus 1/3 to 1/2 turn with a hand wrench, with consideration given to possible future wood shrinkage. Care should be taken to avoid over-torquing the nut, an impact wrench should not be used.

Caution: Drilling or cutting holes in Wood Strong-Wall® is not allowed except as shown in the Structural Details and the Allowable Hole Chart attached to each wall.

Top-of-Wall Connection

See detail 4/SWP

Bottom-of-Wall Installation
Standard Portal Wall

U.S. Patents 6,006,487; 6,109,850; 6,327,831 and 6,643,986

Alternate Exterior Installation

For easy electrical installation position wall with sheathing inside garage.
U.S. Patents 6,006,487; 6,109,850; 6,327,831 and 6,643,986

Garage Header Rough Opening Height:

  1. The height of the garage curb above the garage slab is critical for rough header opening on portal walls.
  2. One 1/2" shim is provided with Garage Portal walls.

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