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Simpson Strong-Tie Composite Strengthening Systems (CSS) provide efficient fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) solutions for the structural reinforcement and strengthening of concrete, masonry and timber structures in need of repair or upgrade.

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What is FRP? Composite Strengthening Systems Overview

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems are simply defined as high-strength and lightweight reinforcements created by combining carbon (CFRP) or E-glass fibers with a polymer material. The performance characteristics of FRP strengthening have become increasingly popular in construction and retrofit applications, specifically in aging, damaged or overloaded concrete structures.

FRP Advantages

Steel plate bonding, concrete section enlargement and steel jacketing have been the renovation methods of choice for decades, yet corrosion, bond degradation and installation difficulty, time, and cost are consistent challenges to overcome, and the resultant retrofit generally adds weight, reduces usable space, clearance, or both.

FRP Strengthening Applications

The primary benefit of FRP systems versus traditional retrofit methods is that significant flexural, axial or shear strength gains can be realized with an easy-to-apply composite that does not add significant weight or mass to the structure. Many times it is the most economical choice given the reduced prep and labor costs and may be installed without taking the structure out of service.

Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Structures

Composite Strengthening Systems may be used to increase the strength of slabs, slab openings, beams, walls, new wall openings, columns, silos, chimneys, piles and pier caps. FRP may be applied to strengthen reinforced concrete and pre-stressed/post-tensioned concrete, steel, masonry and timber.

Complete End-to-End Solution

Through our exclusive alliance, Simpson Strong-Tie and Structural Technologies can offer a one-stop, end-to-end solution comprising the best products, installation and support available. By choosing us for your concrete strengthening and repair projects, you're choosing strength, reliability and high performance.

FRP Best Practices Series: 2 Free Webinars

In this free webinar series we dive into some very important considerations including the latest industry standards, material properties and key governing limits when designing with FRP.