Wood Construction Connectors

Strength Beyond Steel

At Simpson Strong-Tie, our drive to innovate sets us apart. Through precision engineering and rigorous testing, we push the boundaries of wood construction connector design to match your most demanding applications with the fastest, easiest and strongest products available. It’s our promise to deliver the expert knowledge and support that ensures your ability to build safer and smarter, for every job.

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New Connectors

Our advancements in steel connectors have led to countless improvements in construction, including better ways to protect homes from earthquakes and high winds. From hangers to hurricane ties and holdowns, our broad range of connectors supply the versatility, reliability and high-performance you need to succeed.

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Stainless Steel Connectors

For exterior wood-to-wood or wood-based materials involving Wet Service, Elevated Service, Ocean/Water Front Service and Uncertain Environments prone to chemicals and chlorides, we offer stainless steel connectors for a variety of building applications.

Outdoor Accents

The complete Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware line featuring ornamental wood connectors and fasteners, brings both beauty and strength to outdoor living structures.