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Seismic Resilience and Risk Assessment of the Yield-Link® Connection for Steel Construction

Structural Steel Connections. Streamlined.

Our Strong Frame special moment frame Yield-Link connection is precision-made to meet the tough demands and increased loads of structural steel construction. From building owners to engineers, to contractors and fabricators, the Yield-Link's state-of-the-art design saves everyone time and money—while providing a connection that keeps structural steel buildings strong and safe.

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Building Owners
Building Owners
  • Saves time and costs on fabrication and erection
  • Reduced fabrication and erection time accelerates your construction timeline, allowing for faster building occupancy and for more projects to be built
  • Requires no onsite welding of moment connection, reducing welding inspection costs
  • Replaceable Yield-Links allow for less costly repairs and shorter recovery times
  • Accepted into AISC 358-16 and code listed in ICC-ES ESR-2802
  • Can be integrated into your design software
  • Can be designed without beam bracing
  • Small restricted zone
  • Supported by our design and sales services
General Contractors
  • Reduces difficult coordination between welders and inspectors
  • No delays for field welding and welding inspection of the moment connection
  • Faster construction cycle times
  • Faster superstructure erection times
  • Small restricted zone for easier MEP coordination
  • A partner for structural steel buildings
  • Requires no field welding, saving you onsite labor cost and erection time
  • All shop welds are fillet welds, providing a simple fabrication process
  • Bolted onsite erection accelerates the construction timeline

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