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Adhesive Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Cause Solution
1) Material not flowing through nozzle. Gelled or hardened adhesive in nozzle. Adhesive can harden in the nozzle at 70°F in about 5–7 minutes. As the air temperature increases, gel time is shorter. Replace mixing nozzle.
Too cold for adhesive to flow. Keep material in heated storage area: Store epoxy at 45°–90°F; Store acrylic at 32°–80°F.
Surface is crusting. Remove nozzle, dispense small amount of material, then replace nozzle.
Obstruction in nozzle or on outlet of cartridge. Change to new nozzle or remove obstruction from cartridge outlet.
Insufficient air pressure to the pneumatic tool. Set air pressure at 80 - 100 psi.
2) Leakage from front of threaded section of cartridge. Nozzle coupling nut is cross-threaded. Remove coupling nut and reattach, taking care not to cross-thread.
Cracked or punctured cartridge. Do not attempt to dispense damaged cartridge.
3) Material leaking from back of cartridge during dispensing. Excessive pressure resulting in swelling of cartridge or misalignment of retaining wiper. Regulate air pressure on pneumatic tool.
Do not overdrive manual tool.
See problem 1 to find out why material is not flowing.
Misalignment of tool push rods and cartridge. Adjust/repair dispensing tool.
Misalignment of cartridge. Make sure cartridge is inserted correctly.
4) Resin (white) getting into hardener (black) chamber or vice versa. Excessive pressure. Regulate air pressure on pneumatic tool.
Do not overdrive manual tool.
Check to see mixing nozzle is not filled with gelled or hardened epoxy.
Make sure one of the cartridges is not leaking out of the bottom (refer to problem 3).
5) Hardener (black) only being dispensed or mixture is too dark. Adhesive too cold to flow and mix properly. Keep material in heated storage area: Store epoxy at 45°– 90°F; Store acrylic at 32°– 80°F.
6) Adhesive won't harden in hole. Adhesive not mixed thoroughly. Abandon hole and drill new hole. If not possible, contact Simpson Strong-Tie®.
Make sure wipers on cartridge are equalized prior to dispensing and adhesive being dispensed is a uniform color before filling holes. Attach nozzle and dispense adhesive to the side until properly mixed (uniform color).
Base material too cold for epoxy being used. Allow more time for epoxy to cure.
Use AT acrylic adhesive when base material temperature is below 40°F.