Driven to Exceed Expectations

In the fastener marketplace, Simpson Strong-Tie stands apart from the rest. Quality and reliability is our top priority. That’s why we hire PhDs, metallurgists, materials engineers, and structural engineers to create the best possible fasteners. And why each production run goes through rigorous testing to ensure our products can handle higher loads, resist corrosion, and make installation more efficient.

Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber SS

Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber SS Type 316 Stainless Steel Structural Screws

The Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber SS screw is ideal for construction and repair of coastal piers, boardwalks, docks and other structural fastening in extreme saltwater environments. Unlike traditional galvanized steel deck spikes or lag screws, the SDWS Timber SS does not require predrilling. Learn how you can save time and labor costs on your next project.

Deck-Drive™ DWP Wood Screw

What Is a Deck-Drive™ DWP Wood Screw?

The Deck-Drive™ DWP Wood SS fastener is a stainless steel screw designed to provide fast, easy installations in high-exposure environments so you can build to withstand the elements. It is formed from Type 305 stainless steel for a high level of corrosion resistance, and Type 316 stainless steel to provide maximum protection in severe corrosion environments.