Retrofitting Your Building with Simpson Strong-Tie Products

Product Information

The illustration above and the list below provide some of the product solutions that Simpson Strong-Tie offers. In the following pages, ASD load tables are provided for use with the IEBC A4, and LRFD load tables are provided for use with both FEMA P-807 and IEBC A4. Some tables may contain only LRFD values; for ASD values, please see the current Wood Construction Connectors catalog. Holdowns' ultimate capacities are also provided for use only with FEMA P-807, section 2.6, and do not apply to IEBC A4.

Lateral Systems

A. Strong Frame® Special Moment Frames

B. Strong-Wall® Shearwalls

C. Site-Built Shear Walls

Connection to the Structure

D. Framing Angles and Plates

(not shown in diagram)

E. A35 with SPAX Screws

F. HSLQ Heavy Shear Transfer Angle

G. Strap Ties

Connection to the Foundation

H. HDU Holdown

I. UFP Universal Foundation Plate

(not shown in diagram)

J. Titen HD® Heavy-Duty Screw Anchors

K. SET-XP® Adhesive / AT-XP® Adhesive with RFB

L. Strong Frame MFAB Anchor Kit / MFSL Anchor Kit


N. SDS / SDWS / SDWH Screws

Additional Retrofit Products

O. RPBZ Retrofit Post Base

P. AC Post Caps

Q. RFB Retrofit Bolts

(not shown in diagram)

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